Brandon Michaels

  • Environment Art/ World Builder
  • Ohio

Self taught and learning more everyday!

My name is Brandon, I’m 28 years old and have been working on game art for 2 years now. I started game development by modding maps in UDK where I then fell in love with environment art and world building. I'm fully self taught using Youtube, Google, Digital Tutors, and many other resources to teach myself. I'm truly in love with 3D game art, Everything I see motivates me to make something cool and I strive for high quality.
Thanks for checking out my portfolio, you can contact me at


Lead Environment artist & World builder at Solar Purge

9/3/2014 – Present Ohio

Solar Purge is a game that my small team and I are working on. It is a top-down shooter style game with Co-Op features. Solar Purge is inspired by games such as, Halo; Spartan assault, Lara Croft and the temple of Osiris, and Dead Island Epidemic.

Modeled and textured props
Managed assets, Lighting, World Building, Sculpting environment props,


Self Taught at Digital Tutors, 3Dmotive, Gnomon

2/11/2014 – Present Home

I’m fully self taught using digital tutors and other various sites with tutorials, pulling things apart and experimenting is where I really learn though. I also have been in contact with a few artist that have worked on AAA titles such as Borderlands and Call of Duty. Not a mentor but I can go to them and ask questions and they gladly give me advice. I love to learn what I love to do.


TexturingLightingPropsHigh poly sculpting3d modelingWorld building


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